Here are some exercises that I am doing to get fit and keep fit.  At home and in the gym at Olympia Dundee, also swimming lengths, plus cycling out and about near where I live if the weather is fine.


24 August 2018: focusing on getting fit again 

"I would like to do a Novice Triathlon and plan to train for this"


After swimming at Olympia Dundee 27Aug18:

then getting the bus East for a wee distance then walking 2.5mls to Broughty Ferry:

On Sunday 26Aug18 watching my Grandchildren playing hockey at Mayfield Dundee High pitches:


at Olympia Dundee 5Dec16
use 2.3kg dumbbells at home to exercise


Update 14Jan17: physio exercises to do after pulled hamstring 14Sep16; will do gym and swim next week. Wintry weather means less cycling.

Update 26May16: with better weather I am cycling more, going to the gym and swimming less as it means travelling into Dundee to the Olympia which takes up more time.  I'm also cutting calorie intake so as to lose fat because of a physical health issue, recently diagnosed.  

Seated Leg Press


Seated Leg Extension 


Seated Leg Curl


Dumbbell Lunges



Knee Lifts

No moving machine parts.  

An abdominal exercise.

Start with legs dangling and slowly lift your knees in toward your chest.

I'll have to work at this one!


Chest Press

(The machine at the gym looks different to this one) 

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