Advance Statement

Advance Statement Guidance 2016
Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland [MWC]
[updated information 11 April 2018]

"You may find it helpful to write an advance statement when you are well, stating how you would like to be treated if you become ill in future. Anyone who makes decisions about your treatment, like doctors or a tribunal, should read your advance statement and consider your wishes.

An Advance Statement is not a guarantee that your wishes will be followed, but it is a guarantee that they will be taken into account. An advance statement should be witnessed and signed by a health or social care professional.

It is a good idea to review your advance statement every six or twelve months to make sure it is up to date." 

Link to MWC page on Advance Statements


Here is a copy of my Advance Statement which I created in consultation with Dr David Reid, NHS Fife, which he signed, dated 4 March 2013, a copy of which I recently received.  I'm looking to update this at present [11 April 2018].

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