Thursday, 24 June 2021

my home is a refuge, shelter and safe place

A statement of intent:

I am a Carer who cares about others, in particular my family, and if they are in need then I will support them, if at all possible, if I have the space and ability to do so.  If they require expert medical treatment then I will help them to access this and help them in their recovery afterwards.  

I will provide advocacy as required, helping them to speak out and to have a voice, to have their needs met.  I do not respond to intimidation from statutory agencies when it comes to my family, in particular my sons.  I will not be asking permission from anyone when it comes to providing a safe space, refuge and shelter for my son.  For NINE years we both tried to move out of Fife to Dundee and got no help to do so, from anyone.  

Then I was bullied by NHS Fife staff in Cupar Corn Exchange when going for my first Covid vaccine on 15 February and this caused my son to have another mental health crisis and hospitalisation.  Unforgiveable.  Sorry isn't good enough.  

I now have a sheltered 2 bed flat in Dundee which I have spent over £2000 (cashing in Royal Mail shares) in carpeting and furnishing, buying secondhand white goods, seating, tables, wardrobe, from Tayside Re-use on Douglas St.  I got no help from the Scottish Welfare Fund and my oldest son paid for most of my new bed cost.  I have very little savings left, not enough to bury me.  It has been costly moving out of Fife.  Now my youngest son needs to do the same, to have his own flat here, nearer me for support.


picking Lavender

my potted plants out backie

view from kitchen window

living room window view

living room corner view

my bedroom windowsill

dining table

spare room craft table

making face coverings


sock knitting, Flutterby pattern, a gift

finished pair, slipped stitch handknit socks, a gift

in Tesco, Kingsway, recently shopping, by bus

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