Thursday, 10 June 2021

giving car to my son; controlling my finances

Today I hope to wash and hoover out the Corsa for giving to my son Daniel tomorrow so that he can use it in Springfield and Fife, for everyday living and for his photogrammetry work.  I was given £10k in April 2019 to buy a new car, £7K from ex-husband and £3K from oldest son Edwin, and got the 68 plate new Corsa from Arnold Clark, Dundee, which only had a few demonstrator miles on the clock.  It's now done about 22k miles and is in good condition.

just now, living room window

It made sense to give the car to my son now that I'm living in Dundee, bus stops outside my sheltered flat, food shops nearby if I run out of stuff.  Also because I'm on a lower income now and need to take more control of my finances, don't have the Carer Premium part of the Guaranteed Pension Credit which makes up my State Pension, and gives me full housing benefit.

I will have to write down my expenditure, haven't done this for a while although I have done it in the past when on a low income, firstly when my husband was a student in Aberdeen 1972-5, and I wrote everything down that we spent in a daily diary.  

me paddling Aberdeen beach c1973

And I managed our finances through the years as our 3 boys were growing up, when I was mostly a homemaker, did voluntary work during the day when they were at school and in the evenings, living in the ex-mining village of Rigside, near Douglas Water, Lanark area.  My husband wasn't on a big wage and we got Family Credit although he had a company car with his Milk Marketing Board, Paisley, farm visiting job, and I could drive it evenings and weekends.  I briefly had a Minivan early 1980's when selling sheep, hogs with lambs at foot, at Lanark Market, and later had a Suzuki 50 moped 1989/90 for attending Higher classes during the day at Lanark Grammar, as a Returning Adult, Classical Greek and Music.  I'd achieved As in Higher English and Maths the year before.

our sheep with lambs at Lochlane Farm Crieff 1975

me front garden Crieff cottage with our pets 1975

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