Saturday, 15 May 2021

I've moved to Dundee!

It's happened after 9yrs, I've made the move to Dundee, on my own, my son is in
our Springfield house, tenancy transfer, Fife Council.  It all happened quickly after such a long time of looking for a move here, since February 2012 after the "unreasonable treatment" of my son in Stratheden Hospital, Cupar, Fife.  All the years of caring, campaigning, whistleblowing, and being bullied for speaking out about systematic psychiatric abuse.  

My son is now in close contact with his Dad who lives in Cupar, after nearly 10yrs of not speaking, and I am glad that they are reunited, supporting one another.  That's one good thing to come out of so many negative experiences in recent months and years.  I did get an apology from NHS Fife regarding the aggressive treatment I encountered on 15 February at Cupar Corn Exchange when going for my first Covid19 vaccination, attempts made to prevent me going in, which led to my son getting very stressed, requiring inpatient psychiatric care. It's been a tough time for both of us.  

The flit was on Monday 10 May after being offered the flat a week before and fortunately I had Royal Mail shares, given to me by my ex-husband, father of my 3 sons, which I cashed in and this has funded the move, carpeting the flat, buying furniture, white goods, household items.  I only took from our Springfield house my Mum's (Granny's) sideboard and chest of drawers, Dad's desk, bookshelves, old dining table for craftwork and a few other bits and pieces, leaving couches and kitchen goods for my son.  I'm continuing to unpack boxes and have lots of stuff still to move from the house I lived in for over 23 years.  

The challenge has been to keep up energy levels and at times I've felt very exhausted.  I'm writing this post in the early hours, having woken before 3am, sleeping on a mattress, no bed base as the wooden struts had broken after around 16yrs, only finding this out on the day of the flit.  Can't afford to buy a new bed and already I've spent nearly £2K on the move [scary to think how easily it went ...], buying all the basics for my new home [eg new fitted carpets, blinds for windows, kitchen goods].  Being on a State Pension with guaranteed Pension Credit means I qualify for Housing Benefit which is a positive and I should save money on petrol.  Just glad to have a car and some savings, otherwise not sure how I'd have managed the move.  There's no profit in MH human rights abuse whistleblowing as an unwaged Carer. 

My sons, two of them in Dundee, have helped me flit, in various ways, from hiring the furniture removal firm to fitting blinds, connecting up Virgin Media and my PC.  I'm now living on my own, having lived with others for most of my life.  In fact I think the only other time I lived by myself was in the summer of 1970 at Pomarium Flats, Perth, aged nearly 18, when my Mother was in Murray Royal mental Hospital, my Granny had just died, my younger sisters, 9 and 4, fostered on a farm at Comrie, Crieff.  

My youngest son Daniel and I have shared a house for all of his 36 years, so this will be his first council house tenancy and I wish him well.  He is now being supported by Fife Council Housing Services, a CPN and Psychiatrist, as well as his Dad.  And he will be better off financially not living with me, able to claim the Severe Disability Premium.  

It seems ironic that a disabled person is better off financially and receives more support when not living with their Carer Mother.  In our case it was the raising of complaints in 2012 against NHS Fife and Fife Council Social Work Services which led to us being abandoned by MH Services.  I've spoken out long and loud about this and I hope that my mental health activism and campaigning will have improved things for other Carers, Mothers and their families who use MH services in Fife.  Hollyview Ward, Stratheden Hospital, is one positive outcome of our speaking out activism, a new build IPCU funded by Scottish Government award of £4.4m.

Here are some photos of the flit from Springfield to Dundee on 10 May 2021:

living room, Springfield

pine doors, dividing wall £600 in 1998, Cupar joiners

bedroom, Dundee flat

kitchen, Dundee


 And here are some more recent flat photos:

on couch last night, chillin ...

washing hung out first time on Thursday


sock knitting

Daniel wiring in PC on Wednesday

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