Tuesday, 27 April 2021

"I need a move to Dundee ASAP"

sent this Email just now to Fife Council Housing Officer, Cupar:

"Completed tenancy transfer forms handed in yesterday to Cupar Council Offices, St Catherine St.
I need a move to Dundee ASAP. Please let me know what house checks need to be done, as in what happened last year.
It will be safer for my son and I when I move out. He is now being supported by his Dad Ted Muirhead who lives in Cupar, in a Fife Council pensioner house. Attempts were made by NHS Fife staff on 15 February to stop me getting the Covid19 vaccination in Cupar Corn Exchange which led to my son having another mental health crisis. That's unacceptable, he deserves a much less stressful life and so do I.
My son wants to live in this house, we have good neighbours now, he has lived here for over 23yrs and I will be leaving most of the furniture and white goods here so that he has as little upheaval as possible. I will be setting up home myself, doing the flit myself, buying new white goods as cheaply as possible for my Dundee flat. I will be taking a 1 or 2 bed flat, mainstream, amenity or sheltered, whatever is quickest to get a move out of Fife. My son will get more support and more money after I move out, he will be entitled to the Severe Disability Allowance and I will be giving up the Carer Premium, so I will be on less money, just a basic State Pension and Pension Credit.
So when I leave Fife after 31 years I will be much poorer financially and in every way than when I and my family moved here in 1990 to support my sister who lived in Cupar, had an abusive alcoholic husband, a Perth man, expecting her first baby. She moved in with us about a year later, got a divorce, met someone else eventually, got married in 1999, had a daughter in 2000, and now lives in Dysart, in a new house with her husband who comes from that village. I divorced my husband in 2019 after being separated from him since 2011 when we put him out of the house after his bad behaviour. I am glad that my son is now reunited with his Dad and the Muirhead family. 
Chrys Muirhead"
copied to MP, MSP and John Mills, Head of Housing at Fife Council; forwarded to Dundee City Council Lettings Manager and Councillors.

yesterday in Dundee going to gym then swim at Dundee Uni

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