Monday, 12 April 2021

complaint @NHSFife #Covid19 vaccination centre Cupar Corn Exchange 15Feb21

Email complaint sent to Patient Relations, NHS Fife 12 April 2021:



"I am writing to complain about Sean Colgan, NHS Fife, who tried to prevent me getting the Covid19 Pfizer vaccine in the Corn Exchange, Cupar, Fife, on 15 February 2021 at 5.10pm.  He said to me that I wasn't getting the vaccine and told me to go away.

I didn't know who the young man was and why he was aggressive, in my face, he pushed a trolley in my way to block my entrance into the main hall where they were taking our appointment letters.  He was at the front door and told us all to go into the vestibule.  His badge had no name on it.  I only found out later who he was, seeing his photo on the frontpage of The Courier then his name in an inside page, beside another photo.  He did not ask us for our appointment letters, none of us, a group of about 8 of us from Tarvit Terrace, Springfield, I knew some of the folk there.  But Colgan wouldn't have known our names and I didn't know his.  So why did he behave in this way towards me? 

Is that Sean Colgan related to Sean and Katherine Colgan, nurses at Stratheden Hospital, Feb/Mar 2012?  Sean Colgan, Nursing Assistant in Lomond Ward, his wife a Staff Nurse in the IPCU/Ward 4, one of 5 Nurses who intimidated me, 4Feb12, when I tried to see my son's broken hand and bruising, lied to me, saying my son didn't want to see me.  Yes he did, however he was covered in urine, having been jagged twice with Midazolam and in a state of semi-consciousness.  I don't know if that young man, Sean Colgan, is related to this nursing couple who used to live at Cuparmuir.  Same name, might be coincidental.

See attached Courier article photos I took in Tesco Cupar later that evening, 15 February, when going in there for food shopping, article written by Michael Alexander who lives in Cupar, comes from St Andrews originally, so he told me.

I tried to raise a complaint after I got the vaccination, with Nurses in charge, but they wouldn't listen to me, kept saying that the young man with bun on head was a nice person.  They never said his name and I didn't know why he had tried to stop me getting the vaccine.  He threatened to call the police on me and I told him to do so, to phone 999, for my own safety and wellbeing.  For my protection.  For at the point I didn't know who he was and what he had against me.  I still don't know.

I was glad to see the Police who took my details in full view of a queue waiting to go in for the vaccine.  Colgan told people that I was the reason there was a delay.  That was a lie.  We were told on entering that there had been an IT glitch earlier that day, hence the delay.

Colgan was there again at the front door when my son Daniel got his Astra Zeneca vaccine on 19 March, very stressful for my son, he ended up in Ravenscraig Ward, Whyteman's Brae, NHS Fife, the next day.  He was fearful I think that Sean Colgan would try to stop him getting his vaccine.  My son Daniel is prone to lung collapse.  He was very anxious about not being vaccinated the same time as me.  That delay, plus the aggression I experienced from Sean Colgan NHS Fife, led to my son having another mental health crisisMy son is still in Ravenscraig Ward

I hold NHS Fife responsible for my son's breakdown.  I have supported my son singlehandedly since Nurses abused him, mentally, physically and sexually, in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden Hospital February 2012, winning Ombudsman case against NHS Fife and an official apology for their "unreasonable treatment" of my son.  I don't appreciate NHS Fife staff trying to prevent my son and I from being vaccinated against Covid19.  That was a serious failure of duty of care, again, by NHS Fife staff.

Chrys Muirhead (Mrs)"

[to Patient, copied to MSP, Wendy, Michael, jason, Nicola.Sturgeon.msp, Jeane.Freeman.msp, mwc.enquiries, editor, enquiries]


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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

concerns about Dr McQuitty, Ravenscraig Ward, Whytemans Brae Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Email sent to NHS Fife Patient Relations, copied in to my MSP Willie Rennie and MP Wendy Chamberlain:

Strapline: concerns about Dr McQuitty, Ravenscraig Ward, Whytemans Brae Hospital, Kirkcaldy


I am writing to raise concerns about my son's treatment in Ravencraig Ward, Whyteman's Brae, Kirkcaldy, in particular about his locum Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Luke McQuitty.

I am concerned that Dr McQuitty does not have the required experience to competently make judgements about my son Daniel's mental ill health and is suggesting he be discharged when my son isn't well enough.   Dr McQuitty should be discussing my son's discharge with me as I'm his Carer and my son lives in my house.  He should not be telling my son he can come home if I do not think my son is well enough to be home.  That is raising false expectations and causing discord between my son and I.  It's unprofessional and unhelpful.

My son has a bipolar disorder diagnosis as well as a lung condition which meant he was socially isolating for most of the lockdown year of the pandemic, and this resulted in his mental health deteriorating.  I did take him home from Ravenscraig Ward last week when he said he wanted home, a doctor discharged him, but he wasn't well, got agitated and angry, so much that I had to call the Police out, as I was fearful.  He was experiencing flashbacks from his previous inpatient stay in Stratheden Hospital where he was unreasonably treated in the locked seclusion room of the old IPCU, February 2012, for which I won an apology from NHS Fife after raising a complaint with the Ombudsman.  So my son Daniel was in a rage due to this and I asked the police to take my son to his brother in Dundee, to see if he could get hospital treatment in Carseview, out of Fife, where he had such a negative experience in 2012: 

However Carseview was full up and it also required the Consultants' agreement for my son Daniel to be treated out of Fife and this did not happen, he was returned to Ravenscraig and Dr McQuitty.  I believe that my son would be better treated in a psychiatric ward out of Fife after his very negative experience in 2012 when he was locked in a dark seclusion room with a broken hand untreated, for hours on end and had to defecate on the floor, then was punished for it.

It is not good for my son's mental wellbeing to be stressed in Ravenscraig Ward and I keep hearing him swearing to me on the phone, and when I visited him last week.  He was very agitated and aggressive.  This is not like him and I am concerned that his treatment in Ravenscraig Ward is making him worse not better.  I cannot agree to my son coming home in such a heightened, agitated state, it's not safe for him to be discharged when so unwell.  And it's not safe for me either. 

I hope that my concerns will be listened to, and addressed,

Yours sincerely, Chrys




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