Tuesday, 23 February 2021

mental health in Fife locked down? when will it ever end ...

I don't know, is the answer.  To when it will end for me.

I've been looking for a move out of Fife since 2012 after the human rights abuse of the locked seclusion room in Stratheden Hospital, by Cupar. I tried everything in the early days - Dundee City Council housing list, an exchange, asked family for help with buying a house and we could pay the mortgage - but nothing transpired and I got financially poorer, now on a basic State Pension.  Plus I was busy raising complaints about NHS Fife, Fife Council Social Work Services and Fife Police, then with the Ombudsman which resulted in an apology from the Fife Health Board for "unreasonable treatment" of my son, in September 2014.

We were abandoned by mental health services in Fife after I started raising complaints in February 2012, even although I completed a Carer Assessment form with MHOs from Fife Council Social Work.  And I later found out, in the August 2012, that an Adult Protection Investigation resulting from my complaints, tried to find evidence that I was to blame for psychiatric abuse.  They asked a psychiatrist and a CPN/community psychiatric nurse about my character.

And Greg Flucker Broadcast Journalist mentioned in his Email to me "what an end to lockdown could mean for boosting people's wellbeing?".  For me, getting out of Fife, with my son, to Dundee, in a comparable house to the one we are living in - own front and back doors, own garden - would be like freedom after restraint.  It would mean new beginnings, a better life, access to facilities in the city, to libraries, museums, a range of supermarkets, shops, swimming pools, gyms, the potential to do further study, to look for a craft studio or workshop with my son.    

I'm looking forward to a creatively crafty future getting more into knitting, sewing, making stuff, to writing short stories, books, on a range of topics, self published, including science fiction like my Dad Willie Patterson, scriptwriter for the Daily Express in the 1960's, the adult comic strip Jeff Hawke:

The Ambassadors on Amazon

I'm dependent on the State and can't afford to buy a house in Dundee even although NHS Fife got £4.4m from Scottish Government after I whistleblowed about the locked seclusion room abuses.  It didn't benefit me to speak out.  And these days I hear very little about Fife mental health services so I'm thinking that it must be safer for others not to say anything than risk retaliation for giving negative feedback.  

I read often in The Courier about issues in Carseview Centre, Dundee, and in Murray Royal Hospital, Perth, but I hear nothing about psychiatric hospitals in Fife.  No news is good news?  I don't think so.  It can only be a good thing to hear a range of feedback about mental health services but that's not happening in Fife, and I've retreated from frontline MH activism and campaigning.  I've done my bit to improve things here and just want a move to Dundee.


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