Monday, 14 December 2020

wear your wrinkles like jewellery

Says my youngest son to me, he said I used to say it to him in years gone by!

He's a braw laddie, my number three, as are all my boys.  

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Luke Hutton - making amends

Just sent this Email to Judy Dobbie, Director of Leisure and Culture, Dundee, copied in to Steve Welsh, Olympia Manager, my MSP Willie Rennie and other MSPs, Dundee City Councillors:

Strapline: Luke Hutton - making amends to his Mother Gail, sisters Stephanie & Chantelle; new leisure centre Dundee

"Dear Judy

I am writing to you with suggestions as to how Dundee Leisure and Culture might make amends to the Mother and sisters of Luke Hutton after they were hounded out of the city, following the tragic drowning of Gail's son, and Stephanie and Chantelle's wee brother, in the old Olympia swimming pool.

I cannot imagine losing my son in such a horrific way and then being blamed for it by others, having to flee the city in my grief.  It's unthinkable and my heart goes out to this Mother and her daughters, wherever they now are. 

"Football-mad Luke lived with Gail and Chantelle in Ardler, Dundee, and was in primary four at St Fergus school. Gail said: "Luke was my best pal and we had such a good time together"
"I've got film of him on my phone having a laugh and singing with me and I'll cherish it forever. The house is so quiet without him."
Gail had bought Luke an electric scooter and some Simpsons and Ghostbusters DVDs for his birthday and was planning a big party for him at a soft play centre.
But instead, she is now preparing for his funeral. One of Luke's favourite songs, Same Jeans by Dundee band The View, will be played at next week's service."

I only found out about this tragedy after being banned from the Olympia the last time, in November 2018, reading it on the top deck of a Stagecoach X7 bus to Arbroath swimming pool.  It was a shock.

The Olympia lifeguards were angry with me after I wrote this, retaliating in different ways, one of them even confronting me in the changing room, angry that I brought the topic up again, as if Luke's death should be forgotten.  I'm of the opposite view and think that Luke should always be remembered in Dundee's Olympia, or preferably in a new leisure facility with a better design, something in the style of Perth's Glasgow Road leisure pools.  A plaque to Luke Hutton in the foyer and a dedication service, inviting his Mother Gail and sisters, would go some way to healing the pain and anger, for everyone concerned, in my opinion. 

The V&A Dundee, which has cost £millions to build and is still costing millions, is like a mausoleum, a grounded warship and shell at present since Covid19, lockdown and Tier 3 restrictions.  Mostly visitors, tourists, go there and it's been featured internationally for it's design.  I found it useful as a living room in the city when I didn't have a car, after swimming in the Olympia, sitting knitting socks, looking out at the River Tay, coming from my home town of Perth.  I'm not enjoying it now, the Mary Quant exhibition in particular, the more I see it, the less I like it.  Thin models reminding me of how I felt fat when a teenager in the later 1960's, had to resist it, for I wasn't overweight, just not a skinny malinky.

I'm now swimming in the Dundee University pool and it's such a relief to be using a female changing room, washing and conditioning my hair after stress-free swim, well supervised.  I went there before when banned from the Olympia.  My middle son Angus was a lifeguard there in around 1999 (he lives in Dundee with his 2nd wife Hazel, his 9yr old son Callum lives in Lafayette, Louisiana, with his Mother Kim, I haven't seen my grandson yet).

I can accept being banned from the Olympia (although I did nothing to deserve it) but I'm not happy at being banned from Dundee Libraries and hope that this can be rectified, also that I may have access to LeisureActive classes when they resume as I enjoy them very much.

I hope that these suggestions about a way forward in healing the past and in creating new swimming facilities may be useful. 

Yours sincerely,




Thursday, 3 December 2020

History Repeating: Excluded from swimming in Olympia Dundee pool

It's happened again, I've been banned from Leisure and Culture pools. 

Here's the last time, two years ago, video I made: