Monday, 30 March 2020

Monkey on Jeff Hawke #RCToyChallenge

"My monkey who I’ve had since a baby 67 years ago sitting on Jeff Hawke Book One by my Dad Willie Patterson, scriptwriter, and Sydney Jordan, illustrator, published by Titan Books in 1986, from original sci-fi comic strip in Daily Express 1960’s Fleet St, London. 

Monkey is much loved and looks like he has been in the wars! His features sewn on by me as a child, also other parts, his back stitched up to keep his stuffing in. Well done on surviving Monkey!

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Jeff Hawke in Wikipedia

2008 Titan Books publication Jeff Hawke: Overlord

Jeff Hawke Club

Photos captured with Samsung Galaxy 8 phone camera 29Mar20, created in RealityCapture from 191 images in 00h:21m:53s."


Dundee city centre, 3D model flythrough #DanielMuirhead

"1 billion point cloud 3D model of Dundee city centre. Generated in 3DF Zephyr Aerial from 40,000 ground-captured photos. 

Point cloud models can be viewed on Sketchfab at

Production time: 
- 40 hours, photo capture 
- 110 hours, Sparse 
- 400 hours, Dense 
- 50 hours miscellaneous 
(not shown here: 
- 150 hours, Mesh 
- 100 hours, Texture). 

I am presently engaged in the reproduction of Dundee city centre as a full scale, high quality, 3D model for experiencing in virtual reality. 

Broadly, my method involves: 

- Reconnaissance 
- Photogrammetry 
- Schematics 
- Analysis 
- Manual (Computer Assisted Design) Modelling. 

This point cloud is a mid-production stage in Photogrammetry. It is followed by the generation of textured meshes, from which are derived schematics (town plan, architectural elevations). 

The buildings which populate the area are then analysed in respect of presence of: 
- named architectural features 
- repeating (and similar) features 
- symmetry (translational, rotational). 

 A manual model is authored with reference to the schematics and analysis."


Inputs captured with Canon EOS 100D, processed in 3DF Zephyr Aerial