Sunday, 15 December 2019

the journey fae Dundee United stands tae Arbroath home seats Gayfield Park ⚽ 14Dec19

Yesterday I attended for the first time a Dundee United away game, against Arbroath at Gayfield Park, had a ticket for the stands, hadn't stood before at a fitba game so decided to arrive early to get a place.  Had to park a bit away as there weren't any spaces left on Queen's Drive along the sea front by 2pm.

So I got a place to stand 30mins before game started, took some photos, videos and panoramas.

I saw the first goal scored by Dundee United.

However soon after 2 older men, younger than me, maybe in their 50's came and stood right in front of me, blocking my view.  I complained about this but their response was that I should move and other men standing nearby didn't support me.  Rather one older man said that I was just being grumpy or suchlike and offered me a sweetie.  I refused, he then said something rude (a young lassie in front of him looked around at me) so I moved back a bit, but couldn't see the game plus there were other guys at the back shouting and swearing which was offputting.  It all felt very disrespectful to women.  Female fans of Dundee United deserve far better treatment.

And so I moved left along to the open area, it was much colder, sea at the back.

and decided to join the queue for the Pie Shed to warm up with some food:

I was still in good fettle despite having been bullied out of my place in the United stands although I did complain to others in the passing about how I'd been treated.  Not being one to keep quiet if my space has been invaded.  It was a long queue and eventually I got a braw sausage roll!

After enjoying the sausage roll I decided to head back down to the entrance to ask if I could stand at the other side from where I'd been blocked.  However the Gayfield Park staff suggested I could get a seat on the home side since I wasn't wearing any "colours".  So I headed on up to look for a spare seat and was welcomed by 2 older gentlemen Arbroath supporters who told me to take a seat and one of them even offered me his seat if need be.  That was more like it.

There were no more goals after that first one from United and in the second half it seemed that Arbroath played better from where I was sitting.  I left about 10mins before the end to avoid the rush plus I was freezin!

Football isn't just a man's game these days, watching or playing, and there are also children in the mix, spectating, seeing the action, hearing the voices.  Yesterday I wouldn't have wanted my bairns and grandbairns to be in the stands witnessing how their Mother and Granny was treated by Dundee United supporters, hearing the foul-mouthed swearing, seeing men urinating against the back of Arbroath stands in full view of passers-by. 

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