Thursday, 25 July 2019

whistleblowing champion

today in Dundee, returning to car after 3ml walk, following a swim earlier in Olympia

This is what I was working on today, taking photos after swimming, to do 3D model of Oor Wullie in bronze on the wall near the McManus, using Reality Capture which my son Daniel has trained me in.  Well done son!

Here is an example of my son's work on Sketchfab:


I've applied for a Whistleblowing Champion post with NHS Scotland because I believe that I fit the criteria and would be an asset.  Plus the money would be useful.  It's not been easy these last 7 years since whistleblowing about the locked seclusion room human rights abuses in Stratheden psychiatric Hospital's IPCU.  I'm glad that our work resulted in a new IPCU, funded by Scottish Government and that others will benefit from this, even if we haven't.  I've had to come to terms with the unfairness and I'm glad to say that I have, by working it out of my system.  [not because a Professor told me to]

Link to Express article 5 October 2014

Interview Stratheden Hospital, Fife, STV News 6 October 2014

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