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'Daughter of Tayside sci-fi legend (me!) vows to keep literary flame alive' Graeme Strachan @thecourieruk 2Jul19

'Daughter of Tayside sci-fi legend vows to keep literary flame alive' Graeme Strachan, The Courier, 2 July 2019

Space invasion is often a theme of sci-fi writing, films and other media, however in my experience it was becoming a mental patient which invaded my space” 

Willie Patterson’s daughter Chrys Muirhead.
Willie Patterson’s daughter Chrys Muirhead.

The daughter of Tayside sci-fi legend Willie Patterson has vowed to keep his literary flame burning.

Memorable storylines included Hawke being pursued from his moon base to the National Portrait Gallery in London by the spirit of the Mona Lisa, the human race being rescued from the ambitions of an alien estate agent, and a take on man’s first steps into space where the competition was beaten by an Englishman who landed on the moon in a Mini­ Cooper.

In the strip H1760, published on November 21 1959, there is a stone that commemorates the first human landing on the moon, noting that it happened on August 4 1969.

Of course, Neil Armstrong was the first person to step onto the lunar surface on July 21 1969 which was just two weeks before the comic predicted.

It was also the year Patterson’s contract to write Jeff Hawke would come to an end and Jordan took back responsibility for stories and drawings.

Patterson never worked again or came back to Perth and he died in London in 1986.

“I will have to study my dad’s Jeff Hawke stories to garner the themes and develop them, in his memory,” said Chrys.

“Not comic book but in short stories, because I’m not an illustrator and for me it’s words which can conjure up the picture.

“Without a good, clever, innovative storyline then it’s just another drawing.

“I’ve been looking at graphic novels in the library and many seem to fall down on the storytelling, in my opinion anyway.

“I’m attending events these days with authors speaking about their books, to find out tips and to see whether they are as good at telling stories as they are at writing them.

“That’s a fine skill, being able to write as if you were speaking, and vice versa I suppose.

“It’s about holding an audience captive, keeping them interested.”

The Patterson-Jordan period is considered the “true” Jeff Hawke by most fans.


Glad that I got around to eventually reading the Courier Headlines in today's Email!  [It was a busy day, starting with Podiatrist then swim at the Olympia Dundee then a walkabout with my son through Finlathen Park, Eastern Cemetery and Stobsmuir Park/Swanny Ponds back to the car parked at Morrisons supermarket.]

Then when I saw my picture and headline it was a quick dash after 9pm to Cupar Tesco to pick up a couple of copies of the Courier ...


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