Saturday, 26 January 2019

what does Justice look like?

I was asked again recently what Justice would look like, in respect of what happened to my son 7 years ago in Stratheden psychiatric Hospital, the locked seclusion room abuses, for which I got blamed in an Adult Protection Investigation Report by the Fife Police, Social Work and NHS.  Eventually receiving a written apology from Fife Health Board after winning my Ombudsman complaint in September 2014.  

NHS Fife got £4.4million from Scottish Government to build a new psychiatric unit, Hollyview Ward, to replace the old IPCU/Ward 4 which contained the locked seclusion room with no toilet, light or water.  After I won the Ombudsman complaint staff stopped using this room to "manage" patients.

At the very least Justice would mean a comfortable home in Dundee, like the one we have in Springfield, a council house, where we have lived since Easter Monday, 1998.  I tried from 2012 onwards to get a council house in Dundee, was on the housing list for 4 years but we weren't offered anything and our MSP at the time, Roderick Campbell SNP, said he couldn't help.  Since the end of 2015 we haven't been able to afford to run a car and this has made living here much more difficult.  

The local bus goes by Stratheden Hospital into Cupar where I buy food, get buses elsewhere, eg to Dundee, swimming most days in the Olympia.  I gave up the Cupar pool in 2015 because psychiatric nurses swam there, one of whom had assaulted my son 1 February 2012.  Because of my health conditions (including metal plate right fibula March 2005 as a result of max dose Venlafaxine, being prone to muscle strains, and bladder prolapse from August 2015, a breakdown after the years of campaigning) I need to swim daily to keep fit and mobile, which means 2 buses from our village.

me after swim in Olympia 25Jan19

My two older sons live in Dundee and my 2 grandchildren, living in the city without a car would be much easier for food shopping, fitness, cycling, socialising, visiting libraries, accessing learning and many other activities I cannot get to on dark nights, at weekends when less buses.  I'm 67 this year and would like to spend more time writing rather than waiting at bus stops, on buses to swim, to network.  I was born and brought up in Perth, was used to easy access to facilities, then passed my driving test when living in Crieff, have driven for over 40yrs, latterly had new cars when working full-time until 2008 coming into Scotland's mental health world as a person with "lived experience", to promote peer support and recovery.

Peer Support Fife website

My son avoids the local bus past Stratheden Hospital where he was an inpatient in 2005/8/10 and the final episode February to April 2012, after which I singlehandedly supported him, listened to the flashbacks from the abusive treatment in the IPCU.  He walks a mile to catch a bus at Clushford Toll, across a busy road.  My son lived with me then, as now, and was with me when we moved into this house 13 April 1998, nearly a month after my Mother died in the Adamson Hospital, Cupar, she's buried in Cupar graveyard:

I'm not getting any younger and want to move from Springfield while still mobile.  Having been an unwaged Carer since 2010 and a mental health human rights campaigner since 2012 has financially impoverished me.  I have worked very hard to promote improvements to local mental health services, at cost to myself in time, energy and money.  I get no Carers Allowance since 2015 when receiving a basic State Pension.  You don't give up caring just because the money stops.  It's a lifestyle choice, caring for others.

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