Thursday, 10 January 2019

on a Dundee Library PC writing ...

after swim at Olympia
[written today at around midday, saving it on pen drive] 
I’ve been for my usual daily Mon-Fri  swim first thing at Olympia Dundee and got the bus to Broughty Ferry Library to try out writing a piece on a PC here, booking it with my library card, to see if it might be a way of working with words, away from the home environment.

I’d really like to start creating fictional short stories or prose, weaving in some of the happenings I’ve experienced on travels and throughout life which are better suited to flexible storytelling with room for imaginings.  Even experimenting with science fiction which my Dad Willie Patterson was known for, as scriptwriter of Jeff Hawke, created and illustrated by Sydney Jordan, late 1950’s to 1969.  

As a mental health activist, campaigner, blogger and whistleblower, I’ve become a writer to have a voice, and in 2012 when writing on Robert Whitaker’s Mad in America blogging website my prose took wings, in a sense, because of the battle I faced, exposing the human rights abuses of the locked seclusion room at Stratheden Hospital IPCU/Ward 4 and supporting my son.  I retired from blogging on MIA in September 2015 after experiencing a complete breakdown due to the years of campaigning and no real justice.  And I got back to swimming and fitness, taking buses in Jan16 to the Olympia as we had to give up running a car in the December.

I’ve got a PC at the window, looking out at the Ferry rooftops, can hear workmen with tools and inside the occasional murmur of staff and visiting pre-school children with mums.  I used to bring my Grandchildren to this library at that age, sitting on comfy seats, reading stories from books to my Granddaughter while my Grandson took his time perusing the non-fiction section, interested in vehicles, science, action topics.  When younger he liked Bob the Builder on TV so we got him a toy tool belt and a selection of trucks for playing inside and outside in sand, earth, stones.  Now he’s a teenager and into team sports, scoring goals.

7Mar17 Stamford Bridge
I’ve watched my Grandson playing hockey, rugby and football, and in 2016 we visited Hampden, Glasgow, together, then in 2017 I went to the Chelsea Stamford Bridge site to look around, saw the Shed Wall, took photos, got stuff for him out of the fitba shop.  I was in London for a book launch at St George’s, on Psychiatric Nursing, as I’d written Chapter 3 together with a mental health nurse who didn’t attend.  Ironically they described me as a nurse in the bio too.   I’d written from the psychiatric survivor perspective and my input seemed to be in demand by the editor, Prof Mary Chambers.  I’m not in contact now with my co-writer who was also my supervisor on a PhD Clinical Psychology at Edinburgh University which didn’t transpire.  It wasn’t a good fit.  The Chapter we wrote together was entitled ‘Developing and maintaining therapeutic relationships’.  Another irony ...


view from inside Broughty Castle grounds today
sticky sand on Broughty Beach today 😉

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