Friday, 14 December 2018

a divided self

Tweeted this last night:

about staying here in Springfield but having something of a life in the city of Dundee.  It will involve travelling by bus most of the time, which I've got used to, carrying stuff, easier when spring comes with warmer days and lighter nights.

I can always use a case on wheels if need be, when the load gets heavy, because I would like to do wild water swimming, gym weights, sports, and this will require carrying more equipment.  I've got a large pink holdall with wheels which I may start using.  Can put it in the boot of buses or luggage rack in trains.  Fortunately I'm able to lift heavy weights, have got muscles!

Photos from 1973 on the Muirheads farm near Douglas, Lanarkshire.  Had strong shoulders even back then 😊


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