Sunday, 18 November 2018

space invasion

A few thoughts about the topic of space invasion in relation to psychosis or altered mind states.

31 July 2015 I experienced a physical and mental breakdown which resulted in a bladder prolapse and at one point I thought I was having a stroke, brain clenching, eyesight affected, couldn't drive, difficult to watch TV, feelings of being watched.  Secret agents.  

I got through it by getting fit, swimming and weights, eventually getting into cycling properly for the first time, on and off road, taking my bike on trains to various cities, on ferries at the west coast, growing in confidence.

Queen Anne Gardens Stirling Castle 23Jul18
As I cycled more I swam less and this summer was into visiting historic buildings via membership of Historic Environment Scotland and the National Trust.  However by the end of July I had a sore back, muscle strain down left leg into hamstring, and got back to swimming in the Olympia, taking out monthly direct debit membership, which I hadn't done before.

The swimming has improved my fitness, eased the muscle strain and I've been losing weight around the middle, eating less and more active, on the go, walking.  Aiming for wildwater swimming and a novice Triathlon in the future, if possible, logistically.  I don't have a car so it's not viable at present.

Then on my oldest son's birthday 26 October a number of things happened and I changed my Red or Dead glasses which I'd bought at Specsavers Glenrothes, Fife, 21Apr15, to the spare Gok Wan pair, and have been adjusting to the change since then, tomorrow collecting a new pair of specs from Govan Optometrists, Dundee, with reactive lenses, the Winter Fuel payment of £200 will help to pay for them.

Interestingly the vertigo I had for years has now gone and I can now climb the spiral stairs in the Olympia to the flumes no bother, tried them out for the first time 3 November and then a week later, giving feedback about what I observed and my experience of the red flume on both days.  Ironically this has resulted in my exclusion from the Olympia and having to raise complaints about Leisure staff.  Swings and roundabouts.

I am even more convinced that Psychosis is a natural reaction to space invasion of one sort or another.   And that mental illness is a psychiatric construct to justify coercive drug treatment.  Surviving psychosis/psychiatric abuse was hard, much easier avoiding psychiatric interference, less damage done.  Turn of the screw. 

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