Thursday, 7 June 2018

complaint about Dr Dada letter dated 22 February 2018, allegation of racism

Email complaint sent today, 7 June 2018, to Lesley Tweedie, supervisor of Dr Temi Dada:

"Dear Ms Tweedie

I am writing to complain about the comment made in a letter by Dr Temi Dada dated 22 February 2018 to my GP Dr Dow, Eden Villa Practice, following our meeting in Weston Day Hospital on 15 February 2018.

Today I received a copy of my Mental Health Records from Michelle Smith and noticed a copy of this letter in the file.

I completely refute the allegation by Dr Dada that I said I did not want to "see a black person".  That's a slanderous lie.  I never said such a thing.  In fact I met Dr Dada for the first time at Weston on the day of my appointment with Dr Hannay in December 2017 and shook his hand in the reception.  We chatted in the waiting room before I met with Dr Hannay.  He told me that he had recently come from Kent and Medway NHS Foundation Trust and I mentioned contacts of mine in the London area.

[I have a daughter-in-law who is a black American and lives in Louisiana, her son, my grandson, is biracial.  I find it very insulting for Dr Dada to accuse me of being racist.  This is untrue and hurtful.]

I also refute Dr Dada's report of our meeting on 15 February where he was 30mins late with no apology for this tardiness, then after only about 5mins in his office he suddenly clapped his hands and stood up, telling me to leave.  I was taking notes of our meeting and said that I would finish, whereupon he got agitated and swung his chair around, looming over me, saying he had to harass me.  I raised a complaint about this and got an apology from Dr Dada.

Can you please forward this Email to Dr Paramore who is mentioned by Dr Dada in his letter as being "clinical lead".  I know Dr Paramore from 1 February 2012 when she was present at Lomond Ward, Stratheden, on the day that my son was transferred with a broken hand, in bare feet and underpants by two Porters at around 4pm to the IPCU/Ward 4 where he was locked in a seclusion room overnight, in the dark, no toilet or water, and left there.  This happened on at least 4 overnights. 

Copying in Margaret Pirie, Dr Stevenson, CEO Paul Hawkins and Stuart Ullathorne.

Regards, Chrys"

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