Friday, 18 May 2018

proposal for meaningfully involving the real mental health Experts by Experience in Fife

Email just sent to Julie Paterson and Michael Kellet, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership:

"Dear Julie and Michael

I am writing to you with a proposal.

To hire me as an independent consultant, adviser, development worker, for a small fee and expenses, days worked.  I would then work with you or Suzanne McGuinness to recruit a small team of mental health user/survivor advisers to work on various projects, including qualitative research, events, women's crisis house and safe haven development, peer support.  

Together with user/survivor team I would have the power to arrange meetings with NHS and Fife Council health and social care managers, to approach healthcare professionals in other areas of Scotland, the UK and Ireland, to gather information on these project topics, to arrange visits to projects, to organise events for user/survivors and staff so as to disseminate information and facilitate learning.  And other tasks, working on my own initiative and leadership skills, mentoring others in the team as we go along, virtually and in person.  Starting up a blog or page on Fife Health and Social Care Partnership website would be useful for sharing info and development, I'd want to write this, incorporating views of user/survivor team members.

I cannot attend any more engagement events or focus groups in Fife as a spectator or participant, it's not a good use of my time.  By hiring me to work for mental health improvements in Fife this would be a way of having me more meaningfully involved.

Regards, Chrys"

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