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mindfulness creep in Fife; early Intervention, Kitbag, IFF, conflicts of interest; CAMILLE training; response from Dr Hannah

Here is an Email sent 11 May 2018 to Julie Patterson, Divisional General Manager, Fife-wide, Health & Social Care Partnership, copied in to relevant others:

Strapline: Early Intervention report concerns: Kitbag, IFF, conflicts of interest; CAMILLE training; proliferation of Mindfulness; no mention of early intervention psychosis

"Dear Julie

I am writing to you with my concerns about the brief 2 page report on Early Intervention by Wendy Simpson which you sent.  

Firstly the mention of Kitbag: "Kitbag event recently held in February at Playfield Institute to celebrate and develop expansion of this unique resource to build emotional wellbeing, now being used regularly in at least one third of all primary schools in Fife and also in some Secondary schools." 

As I understand it, this Kitbag resource is linked to IFF, International Futures Forum, which has a business arm run by Dr Margaret Hannah's husband Graham Leicester (see attached Register of Interest Fife in which I've bolded in red Dr Hannah's declaration when she was Deputy Director of Public Health).  Kitbag costs £50:

then there's all the other merchandise:

Dr Wendy Simpson is an IFF "Practice Adviser" linked to Kitbag:
another conflict of interest.

In her report she says that over one third of Primary Schools in Fife are now using Kitbag, plus some secondary schools, did they pay £50/child for this?  Or did they get it free.  From what I can see, the bag of stuff isn't worth the money.  Public Libraries hand out stuff like this in Dundee, not sure if they do it in Fife.  I'm concerned about the philosophy being peddled via this resource.

Secondly the CAMILLE training I have real concerns about and wrote a blog post about this project back in 2015, never got a response from Dr Baldacchino:
my main concern was the "early tracing and prophylactic measures" which sounded like eugenics, identifying mentally ill children then drugging them, to speak bluntly.  Mental illness is a psychiatric construct not a proven, scientific entity.  How dare anyone target and pathologise a child.  I feel very strongly about this as my wee sister was targeted in Perth when just about 8yrs old because our Mother had a Schizophrenia Dx.  She was fostered at the time, under social work.

Thirdly I am concerned about there only being Mindfulness in this EI report.  I see no other therapies on offer and Mindfulness is not a well evidenced or proven therapy, according to Professor Jim Coyne, a friend of mine on social networking, we met in Edinburgh July 2015:

I see nothing about working with Psychosis or other mental health conditions, before crisis, in Simpson's report.  How disappointing, when I think of my sons who all experienced psychosis as young men and could get no early support, rather coercive drugging and abusive treatment.  Locked seclusion room abuses.

NHS GGC has an Early Intervention Psychosis project Esteem which has been in operation for at least 10yrs, I met with project lead Ivano Mazzoncini in October last year and was impressed by his management of Esteem which has increased its reach.  Why is Fife not looking at partnerships with Esteem Glasgow?  England has many EIP projects on the go and Norman Lamb MP, who I met recently in Edinburgh, supports this, he has a son with mental illness:

[although I'm critical of EIP that doesn't mean to say I think it's without value, it's definitely better than what we've presently got in Fife]

I'm concerned about Dr Simpson leading the Early Intervention working group in Fife because of its narrow outlook and her conflicts of interest. I wanted to bring this up with you now rather than speak about it next Tuesday at the MH Engagement event.  On that day I want to be learning more about what's going on in Fife, listening to other user/survivor voices and sharing my experiences.  Obviously I will be asking questions, that goes without saying.

Thank you for sending this information,

Regards, Chrys"


Simpson's report for MH Engagement Event Fife 15May18
from Register of Interests NHS Fife 2015-6


Email response from Dr Hannah 18 May 2018: 

and my Email response 15mins later:

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