Saturday, 19 May 2018

first bike train trip this year 🚲 cycling Dundee to the Ferry

After the all clear about thyroid cysts and viral throat receding I had my first cycling adventure by train today, from Springfield to Dundee then on bike to Broughty Ferry, breakfast at the Glass Pavilion.  Back to city centre, 10 mile round trip, some shopping, cycling around paths in Dundee, maybe another 4 miles or so.  Very pleased to be so fit after not much cycling since about October last year.

Here are some photos and link to Facebook album, first a wee video on Springfield Rail Station platform, waiting for the 8.57am train:

on train to Dundee
on way to the Ferry
Broughty beach
view from Glass Pavilion outside cafe
Broughty Castle
parked up at Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA)
along the Nethergate Dundee
cycled up by Magdalen Green
stopped at the Discovery ship with V&A in background
checking pleated hair at the back when waiting for train home!
on train home to Springfield after a grand cycling day out

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