Friday, 25 May 2018

Fife Centre for Equalities and mental health rights; 5 staff on total salary of £92K/year; so much for equality

I have just sent an Email (25 May 2018) to Nina Munday, Manager, Fife Centre for Equalities, asking about their work in mental health, after hearing Ms Munday do a presentation on the 'Hard to Reach or Easy to Ignore: Promoting equality in community engagement' evidence review by What Works Scotland:

"Dear Nina

I am writing to ask you for information about what Fife Centre for Equalities does in the area of mental health rights, to tackle discrimination and stigma, and the obvious inequalities that exist for people who experience mental illness and psychiatric treatment, and their unwaged Carers, of whom I am one. 

My youngest son had his human rights abused in Stratheden Hospital, February 2012, for which I eventually "won" an Ombudsman case and apology from NHS Fife for their sub-standard treatment.  Here is an article in the Scottish Sunday Express, 5 October 2014, that tells something of his story, also front page and inside news from the paper attached:

From your presentation on Wednesday at the SCDN meeting, regarding the 'Hard to Reach' report, I didn't hear anything mental health specific or action plans from Fife Centre for Equalities tackling the ongoing stigma and discrimination experienced by people who live with mental health challenges.

I would appreciate if you could send me links to any documents pertaining to the work of FCE, eg the aims, objectives, outcomes, business plan.  I also would like a copy of the latest Annual Report containing income and expenditure information as I cannot see a link to this on the website.  Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Copying in my MSP and MP, for their information.  I will put this Email in a blog post, for transparency.

Regards, Chrys"


Received response from Nina Munday, Manager, Fife Centre for Equalities, at 16.31 on 25May18 with links to the FCE final accounts 2016-7 and to the vision, mission and values page.

I then sent a further Email asking for information:

and an additional comment about the £92K salaries for 5 staff mentioned in the FCE accounts:

Senior Managers in Fife Council get around £90,000 a year while Fife Centre for Equalities gets that amount for 5 staff.  It just shows how much Equalities are worth in Fife.  Not much at all.

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