Sunday, 22 April 2018

respect for our elders

A wee blog post about how difficult it's been these last 10yrs not being treated with respect in Scotland's mental health world for my age and experience, qualifications, skills, abilities, and surviving psychosis/psychiatry.  It began quite quickly in 2008 at Scottish Recovery Network events and then continued on in DClinPsy settings by academics.  It felt like I was always up against it, particularly after Feb12 human rights abuses perpetrated upon my son in Stratheden IPCU locked seclusion room.

In 2008 aged 55 after setting up Peer Support Fife and Chrys Muirhead
Peer Support Fife
it was like stepping into an alternative universe where my life experience and qualifications were as nothing.  I was continually treated as "less than" in Scotland's mental health world, DClinPsy academia since 2009 at Glasgow, and expected to do as I was told, without question, by people who weren't skilled facilitators or educators.  I'd been
Chrys Muirhead Associates
used to working in a variety of settings since 1980 and to setting up, managing and leading community projects, with all ages of people, latterly in an FE college, gaining lecturing qualifications and experience.

At the same time I've witnessed elderly female neighbours in the village where I live not being supported by Fife Social Work Services when they have become housebound or developed mental health issues after bereavement and left living alone, isolated.  Women and mothers who were physically active when I first knew them, worked all their lives, paid taxes, then left alone, at risk, family not so near at hand.  Now in Homes.  

I find this very sad, the lack of support for our elders, Mothers, Grandmothers.  Then recently I was disrespected by an old age Psychiatrist and had to raise a complaint, not just on my behalf but for the sake of others.  Wouldn't want any other elder in Cupar to go through similar.  It was most unpleasant.

Fortunately I've got over the feelings of betrayal, hurt, anger at how I was treated by DClinPsy Professors.  Expectations raised then dashed, being set up to fail.  I think they didn't have faith.  In Safe Houses for Psychosis becoming a reality.  In psychosis as a journey, transition, escape, becoming stronger because of the experience.  In people having the resources to come through.  In themselves as therapists and worthwhile companions, seeing it through to the end.  Or maybe they just didn't care.  Enough.  We're not family.

As a Mother and Grandmother I care. 

Angus & Edwin
Daniel & Edwin
me & 3 sons at sister's wedding 1999
Grandchildren 😍

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