Monday, 16 April 2018

my response to @scotgov Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2018 consultation

Link to my PDF response 


Link to Engagement Process of the Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2018; closes 30 April 2018


  1. This is a really thoughtful and well considered response to the Scottish Government's Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

    Well done Chrys. I wish their were more like you.

    I do so agree with this "Please explain your answer.: Yes. However I'd like to see "stories" somewhere in this "knowledge", personal testimonies, histories, the voices of people who have felt suicidal, who have tried to take their own lives, who have been bereaved by suicide (I know that you have held an event with family members). I am concerned that "data analysis" may be impersonal and exclusive, missing out stories about suicide".

    I had a severe suicidal depression, my only such depression, in the withdrawal from Paroxetine antidepressant. Yet, the prevailing view in my profession has been that antidepressants do not cause suicidality. Evidence on this has been hidden. Petition PE1651 Prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal -has gathered the experience of many. It is high time that my profession listened to these experiences of harm.

    Chrys, you put this ever so well here "I think that fresh ideas and tangential thinking are required to reshape mental health and suicide prevention. Honest conversations and transparency about causes, risks, that healthcare may be a trigger, medication side effects, isolation, loneliness, austerity."

    I will share your response with some of those who have experienced prescribed harm.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Peter Gordon


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