Tuesday, 17 April 2018

my family are special 😍

[the same goes for other families]

I just wanted to sing the praises of my family, how special we all are, not least because 8 of us, that I know of, have survived psychosis/psychiatry and have been/are being productive in our lives.  That's something to be very proud of,  in my opinion, and I'm entitled to say what I think regardless of well paid academics taking a potshot at me because of it.  😒

So many achievements along the way: my two wee sisters at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) 1970's/80's, studying woodwind instruments (clarinet, oboe), singing, piano, after my youngest sister a boarder at St Mary's Music School, Edinburgh, funded by Perth & Kinross Social Work; my Mother coming through various psychiatric treatments (ECT, neurotoxins) working FT at Babygro factory in North Muirton, Perth on a Depixol depot injection; my Father writing Jeff Hawke sci-fi daily comic strip in the Daily Express from 1956-69, for many of these years the one in charge, directing, producing; my sons carrying on the family tradition of psychiatric engagement, music, educational achievements, working in various settings, procreative, humorous, caring, compassionate.  😊

Here is a flavour of our lives in pictures, with comments alongside (will update later):

my Mum & me with Teddy 1953 on back step of Granny's house Kingswell Terr, Perth

Notice my Mother's lovely dress and cardi, her makeup and tidy hairdo, her care of me, holding my pink Teddy, smiling for the camera. Juxtaposed with the mop against the wall next to back door which is needing a coat of paint.

me aged about 4, rumpled kilt & socks, blonde hair tied back, knitted cardi, smiling

Not sure who took this photo, probably an Auntie, flat roofed house in background probably my Granny and Grandpa's at Kingswell Terrace, Perth, maybe after we had all moved to Dunsinane Drive, Letham, Perth, into two council flats, numbers 81 and 57.

my Mum's photo, she typed Rare Birds on it, taken outside Pomarium Flats c1972

My Mother had this photo pinned on the wall at her Pomarium Flat number 70 and then it was in her possessions after she died on 19 March 1998 which I inherited.  Me with my two wee sisters before they went into foster care when my Mum had another nervous breakdown.  

my oldest 2 sons Angus on left, Edwin on right, on inlaws farm, having fun

We lived in a residential caravan on my husband's folks' farm for about 18mths before getting a council house in Rigside, Lanarkshire.  I had my first puerperal psychosis about 3mths after Angus was born, went voluntarily into Hartwoodhill psychiatric hospital to be forcibly injected with Chlorpromazine and threatened with ECT.  Fortunately I was able to take charge of my own mental health, come off the neurotoxins and make a full recovery, supported by my husband.

youngest son Daniel in 1985, I was on Chlorpromazine again, 4x100mgs
I was drugged up when this photo was taken, on neurotoxins, it felt like being in a dark tunnel with no light at the end.  This was due to the antipsychotics which depressed me.  My husband supported me in and out of hospital.  Again the neurotoxins had been forced in but by 1984 they weren't giving Mothers with puerperal psychosis ECT, or at least they didn't try to threaten me with it in Hartwoodhill.  I managed to get off the drugs within the year again and make a full recovery.

July 1998 with my 3 sons, in Cupar photographer's studio
I'm wearing my Mother's watch and butterfly necklace which was in her possessions, a gift from New Zealand, unworn, in a box.  My oldest son had recently graduated with a First in Mechanical Engineering from Abertay University, Dundee, having survived psychosis/psychiatry episode, Stratheden Hospital, including a critical incident with ECT, in 1995/6.  I supported him in/out of hospital.  1998 I also graduated, with a Postgrad Diploma in Community Education from Northern College, Dundee.

with oldest son Edwin July 1998, graduates, son 1st class Hon Mech Eng
middle sister's wedding 1999
with grandson Edinburgh Xmas time 2006 😍
grandchildren in our house 2010
Grandson Callum 2015
Callum 8Aug18


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