Friday, 13 April 2018

letter response from @scotgov Third Sector Unit about Fife Voluntary Action governance

I was pleased to receive a detailed letter response today from Scottish Government, Local Government and Communities Directorate, Equality Human Rights and Third Sector Division, regarding my concerns about the governance and funding of Fife Voluntary Action (FVA), although they "cannot interfere in local issues", which I understand:

I had forwarded on an Email to Angela Constance MSP for Communities [receiving acknowledgement of my correspondence] on 7 March in which I had raised concerns about FVA management to various dignitaries in Fife.  Then I sent a further Email to locals in Fife, asking "I wonder if anyone is questioning FVA about their performance and outcomes?".  Nearly £1million in staff costs is not a small amount.

I don't have time to raise another complaint about FVA, had done so back in 2014 when trying to access Short Breaks Funds for Carers and I wasn't well treated by CEO Kenny Murphy, it was distressing.  I got no justice from complaining back then so it's not a good use of my time to do so again as I'm not confident of a fair outcome.

Here is my Email response today, to Robert Mitchell, Policy Officer, Third Sector: 

"Dear Robert

Thank you for the comprehensive response to my raising of concerns about Fife Voluntary Action.

I shan't be doing anything more about this.  I'm an unwaged Carer, activist and campaigning, also voluntary action researcher into Safe Houses for Psychosis. 

My research is important, particularly after having to singlehandedly support my son after he was abused by NHS Fife Nurses in Stratheden Hospital IPCU February 2012:

Fife statutory agencies tried to blame me for causing "psychological harm" in an Adult Protection Investigation Report in 2012.  I was the one who raised the alarm about my son's inhumane treatment and didn't know that I was under investigation for it.

I want to see alternatives to coercive drugging within psychiatric inpatient settings, the risks of sub-human treatment for people coming through psychosis, acute mental distress and altered mind states due to life trauma.

Regards, Chrys"

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