Sunday, 1 April 2018

Good Friday in my home town of Perth; happy memories from childhood

Bus to Cupar, train to Dundee then another to Perth.

roller skating & scootering up & down these ramps aged 9-11yrs with friends

view from Perth rail station
Queen's Hotel where I was a chambermaid summer of 1971
verandah on 4th floor number 70 Pomarium from 1960-1972 when I got married aged 19
my favourite tree I climbed aged 9-11, could see it from bedroom window
view from Pomarium flats entrance to Paradise Place, Kinnoull Hill in distance
British Legion Hall where I watched my sisters at ballet & tap dancing lessons 1960's
Storey's draper shop was here on South Methven St 1969-70 when I was Saturday girl
Methodist Church on Scott St; I've got 18th C book of John Wesley's sermons
back to Dundee
knitting tabard waistcoat in Aran for my son
in Dundee rail station waiting room with messages from Riverside Tesco, waiting for Springfield train

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