Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Core Psychological Interventions for Psychosis: requesting info from NES: FOI Request

NES website
[sent Email again today 2 May 2018 as an FOI Request as I'd received no response]

Here is an Email sent 26 April 2018 to Anne Joice, Head of Programme, Psychological Intervention Team, NHS Education for Scotland:


"Dear Anne

Do you have any information which you are able to send me, about the NES Core Psychological Interventions for Psychosis?  Thank you.

It says on the NES website: "The training aims to introduce the psychosocial approach to psychosis and empower staff to engage in collaborative alliances that encapsulate optimism, recovery and hope with people who have experienced psychosis" and I am wondering what this actually means in practical terms.  How are staff enabled to work with a person who is coming through psychosis?  What type of psychological or psychoanalytic approaches are used in the engagement with people experiencing psychosis?  
I am wondering if staff ever work with people/patients experiencing psychosis without prescribed medications being involved?  In other words, are staff enabled by the NES training to help a person reason out their psychosis, to be less afraid of imaginary thoughts or amplified feelings, normalising any acute perceptions so that a person does not equate their psychosis with a "disorder", rather a natural reaction to a traumatic life happening.  (I've experienced psychosis on 4 separate occasions in 4 different decades, due to different stressors and life trauma, latterly in 2015 following years of campaigning after my son was abused by Nurses in Stratheden IPCU locked seclusion room in February 2012)

I am keen to get an understanding of how NES equips staff to work with people who are coming through psychosis.  Helping people to overcome any difficulties, becoming stronger and more resilient in the process.  As I did.

Copying in Prof Andy Gumley who is the key therapist for psychosis on the Matrix document and who I assume is the main advisor and influence on this NES training course for Psychosis.  Also copying in Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology.

Regards, Chrys" 

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