Sunday, 1 April 2018

Clinical Psychology in Scotland is in need of a complete overhaul

I've been tweeting a lot, critically, about Clinical Psychology in Scotland and wanted to put something down in a blog post about it, based on my experiences over 15 years.  Firstly engaging with a ClinPsy in Fife at Stratheden Hospital, as service user and unwaged Carer Mother, then engaging with academics at the DClinPsy programmes at Glasgow University since 2009 and Edinburgh University since 2011.

In my opinion Scotland deserves much better in terms of psychological therapies, alternative ways of helping people work through psychosis and other forms of mental distress.  

Here are some of my tweets about the topic:

I ran out of steam and had a complete breakdown 31 July 2015 due to the years of campaigning for justice following my son's abuse in the locked seclusion room of Stratheden Hospital IPCU.  I felt that Clinical Psychology colluded with the abuse by not challenging it, by training staff and patients to switch off.  I wasn't happy with the failures of ClinPsy academics to tackle the oppressive psychiatric system, preferring to hold the coats of the abusers while also protecting the abused.  A double minded affair.

I was angry with the highest paid academics, those with the most influence and who were involved in many settings, committees and groups where their voices were held in high regard because of their standing.  And so I befriended Professor Andy Gumley as I transitioned a *4th psychosis, avoiding psychiatry.  This was a mutual, virtual engagement by Email.  I would describe it as a fencing match, a series of bouts or conversations.  Thrust and parry.

I will write more about this match in other places.  On my side it consisted of both anger and compassion, a double edged sword.  There were also elements of procreation, time travel and existentialism.  I expect to use the experience to write fictional short stories, maybe sci-fi adventures, if I live long enough.

Glad to say that my anger has dissipated.

[* although I say 4th it's more accurate to say I'm on the psychosis spectrum so experience altered mind states as part of my ongoing day to day life, it's just that sometimes my psychoses require more support eg 1978 & 1984 following induced, traumatic childbirth, 2002 at the menopause when my body was changing, periods stopping, the end of childbearing, although nowadays women are having babies in their 60's]

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