Monday, 9 April 2018

anger and compassion, the balance

I've found compassion to be a useful balance to anger when faced with injustice, unfair treatment, betrayal, bullying, undermining, manipulation, cronyism, hierarchical shenanigans. Particularly since 2008 when I got involved in Scotland's mental health world as a person with "lived experience" of escaping "mental illness" 3 times in 3 different decades, under the banner of "recovery" which became diluted and a tool for government to force people off welfare benefits.  I realised this at an SRN event in Aberdeen that first year, getting silenced by the Director for saying it.  A repeating pattern over these 10yrs.

A few folk have done well out of the Scottish mental health recovery agenda but most haven't, and some of us have been targeted, impoverished, blamed and banished, for speaking out and having an opinion, not being afraid to state it.  Others have left the room.  

We need more safe places for people to express their anger and to practise compassion.  To be kind to ourselves, and to others. 

I've been at the receiving end, yet again, of a male venting their anger, behaving aggressively, this time a highly paid professional, younger man, no-one else around, behind closed doors.  Have raised a complaint, not sure if my voice will be heard.  However I have other ways of speaking out.  My concerns are about those with less capacity who may be at risk of retaliation in the face of anger or abusive behaviour from a medical professional.  No witnesses to corroborate the victim's voice.  Thinking of stories I've heard from other Mothers, what their sons have been through in Stratheden Hospital.

The misuse and abuse of power. 

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