Thursday, 8 February 2018

Adults with Incapacity Act Reform Consultation: Hunter Watson Feb18

Received by Email from Hunter Watson, Mental Health Human Rights Campaigner, on 7 February 2018:

"Good afternoon,

                      In case it might be of interest to you, I attach a copy of my response to the ongoing consultation regarding the making of amendments to the Adults with Incapacity Act to ensure its compliance with the UNCRPD. Some proposed amendments I welcome, but a few I oppose. In particular I am opposed to the proposal that the scope of a section 47 certificate should be extended to authorise a doctor to have a person detained in hospital for a period of 28 days or more without, apparently, any right of appeal. In my opinion such a provision would comply with neither the ECHR nor the UNCRPD.
     In my opinion also, the opportunity should be taken to do as has already been done in Northern Ireland, i.e. to introduce legislation which is applicable to all persons, certainly all adults, who appear to have lack of legal capacity with respect to some matters.
             Best wishes,
                              Hunter Watson"

Link to page of Papers and Articles by W Hunter Watson, Mental Health Human Rights Campaigner, retired Maths Lecturer, Aberdeen

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