Monday, 25 December 2017

the assault and battery of a whistleblowing survivor Mother carer voice

9Oct17 presentation DClinPsy Edinburgh
I recently retreated from the APEX (Advisory Panel of Experts by Experience) within the DClinPsy Programme at the University of Edinburgh.  It was a culmination of feeling that my voice wasn't valued, being marginalised and silenced.  Particularly after the way I'd been treated by Prof Andrew Gumley at the CUSP (user carer group) on 4 July at Glasgow DClinPsy based in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit, Gartnavel Hospital.  His complaint resulting in a bullying headed letter by Dr (now Professor) Hamish McLeod ("your behaviour is deemed unacceptable") excluding me from teaching trainees, undermining my character, backed up by his superiors.

At the last Edinburgh APEX meeting in 16 November we went over the Terms of Reference which I'd been involved in putting together, 3 years ago.  On reading them it reminded me how my suggestions hadn't been taken up then, the opinions of the men in the group were favoured by the male academics leading.  Then as now.  Nothing much had changed since 2011 when I'd first got involved, despite meeting with the Academic Director and the Clinical Lead, both men, and being set up to fail on the PhD by the Programme Director Professor Matthias Schwannauer.  Six years of being sidelined as a survivor Mother, a whistleblower since February 2012, speaking out about the locked seclusion room abuses perpetrated on my son in Stratheden IPCU/Ward 4.

8May17 day's teaching DClinPsy Glasgow
I felt bruised and battered at being continually knocked back and blamed by Clinical Psychology academics for speaking out, having an opinion and being myself.  Going back to the Glasgow CUSP meeting in July was useful in remembering the constraints I'd been subject to when attending the group from 2011-14, and I voiced this on the day, there was some agreement from other members although one Carer stomped out (she's done this before at other groups).  Prof Gumley in his office afterwards said he'd never had anyone leave a meeting before.  I was sceptical and challenged him, recommending he stop infantilising CUSP members and trainees.  They, and we, are adults not children.  

I didn't appreciate attempts to make me feel guilty or "less than", in relation to my leaving CUSP end of 2014.  Two members had bullied me off the group when Prof Gumley was absent, one of them an ACUMEN paid worker, the other the Carer who stomped off, 4 July, she's on the Advisory Board of Scottish Recovery Network and has links with Support in Mind Scotland, an organisation whose CEO bullied me in a headed letter to my home, for which I received an apology.  I had criticised their Tayside Carers project for promoting ECT and for this I was bullied.   

The ACUMEN paid worker (former psychiatric nurse), together with his service user friend, had bullied me off the Scottish ECT Accreditation Network user/carer group back in October 2012 because of my critical stance about shock treatment.  At the CUSP meeting Dec14 he and the SIMS Carer said it would just be a few children getting ECT, as if that was OK.  Well it wasn't OK to me.  I consider ECT to be assault and battery, just like the treatment I've been getting from DClinPsy academics and others for speaking out with a survivor Mother carer voice.

Electroshock: The Gentleman's Way to Batter Women: Dr Bonnie Burstow


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