Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Presentations #BPS #DCP #Psychosis & Complex MH Faculty event 24Mar17 Stirling

Team CBT formulations to improve staff-patient relationships and service user outcomes in mental health rehabilitation: Dr Katherine Berry, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, University of Manchester 

Current Psychological Understanding and Treatment of Avolition-Apathy and Anhedonia: Dr Hamish J McLeod, DClinPsy Programme Director, University of Glasgow 

Applying a Psychological Model of care to Acute Mental Health Services: Dr Sean Harper, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Lothian 

Understanding impaired treatment decision-making capacity in the context of psychosis: Dr Paul Hutton, Associate Professor of Therapeutic Interventions, Edinburgh Napier University 

Implementing Social Cognition and Interaction Training (SCIT) with a cohort in an inpatient Rehabilitation Unit: Dr Allison Blackett, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS GG&C 

Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT), Experiences of implementation in inpatient rehabilitation services: Dr Ian-Mark Kevan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS GG&C
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

#EmpowerApp launch event Glasgow engagement; Future Islands: Balance

Engaging virtually via tweet with Empower App launch Glasgow Kelvin Hall while listening to The 6 Music Festival highlights (thanks to Simon Stuart for link!), this song in particular captured the moment for me:

Information about Empower event:

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Monday, 20 March 2017

#BeingSupervised "keep exposing yourself ... ultimately very fruitful"

Getting back into Being Supervised book:

Saturday, 18 March 2017

is psychiatric treatment a form of self harm? and other questions

Talking to myself again on twitter, asking these questions and answering some:

Friday, 17 March 2017

on providing a safe house for my son

Since the psychiatric abuse of February 2012 I've been providing a safe house for my son, in our home, as his full-time Carer/caregiver.  No support from social services or community nursing teams despite having completed a Carer Assessment form in 2012.  And no Carers' Allowance since 2015 when I received my basic State Pension.  We live in a council house in a Fife village and can't afford to run a car now, after 40 years of doing so.  Which means getting the local bus which runs by Stratheden psychiatric Hospital where my son was abused.

Today we have another DWP Atos Healthcare Assessment interview for PIP (Personal Independence Payment) which used to be called Disabled Living Allowance (DLA).  The last interview was halted by us before it started, due to the assessor not having read my son's PIP application form, saying it was "too lengthy" and she didn't have time to read it all.  We were not confident in the professionalism of the assessor, her dismissive attitude and behaviour.  And complained to her line manager who organised another interview appointment, there and then.

My son had received two DWP letters about his benefits, PIP and ESA (Employment and Support Allowance), in December, just before Christmas, which was very stressful and ruined our holiday time.  This process unsettled my son and caused him undue distress, the wording in the DWP letters came over as threatening.  The forms had to be completed by the end of the year.  My son spent Christmas recalling his worst days, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, and his years of treatment in Stratheden Hospital, the physical health issues which exacerbated his mental health condition and led to him having a mental disorder diagnosis.

The threat of losing your social security benefits, your livelihood as a disabled person, cannot be underestimated in terms of the impact upon mental health and wellbeing.  It was bad enough to be dehumanisingly treated in a locked seclusion room, locked in for hours on end, broken hand untreated, in the dark, no toilet or water or food, having to defecate on the floor because no-one listened to your cries for help.   Then being punished, pushed face down in his own excrement, anus penetrated, for doing a dirty protest.  Resulting in a glandular infection and painful veruccas, requiring treatment months after hospital discharge.

The dirty protest (or shitey as the other patients called it) proved the Ombudsman case, that my son had been left unobserved in locked cell with no toilet, and I "won" an apology from NHS Fife, albeit a grudging one-line written sentence in a letter October 2014.  I had been complaining about my son's treatment since 1 February 2012 when he was removed from Lomond Ward, Stratheden, in his bare feet and underpants, by 2 Porters, in a minibus, up to Ward 4/IPCU where he was locked in the seclusion room (unknown to me at the time), having been forcibly injected twice with Midazolam (my son is asthmatic, has had 3 collapsed lungs, a very risky procedure).

In fact I didn't know there was such a thing as a locked seclusion room, despite having engaged with Stratheden since 1995 when my oldest son was a Lomond Ward inpatient and 2002 when I was also an inpatient in that ward, briefly.  After my son's discharge from Stratheden, April 2012, I heard the full story of his sub-human treatment, in flashbacks from my son, for a long time.  It was very difficult to listen to.  That same year an Adult Protection Investigation report led by Fife Council Social Work Service blamed me for causing "psychological harm" to my son.  I had to do an FOI request to get a copy of the report. 

I am planning to research Safe haven crisis Houses in the rest of the UK, aiming to gather evidence of good practice, through a mapping exercise and case studies, ethnographic and narrative research, to find out what works, in terms of providing safe houses for people in psychoses and/or extreme emotional distress due to life trauma.  I want to influence the development of safe houses in Scotland, alternatives to psychiatric inpatient treatment. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

London 6-8 Mar17: #MaryChambersBookLaunch; Chelsea FC; engagements & networking

I set off on bus, train, tram and plane to London, Monday 6 March 2017, for a book launch 6pm on the Tuesday 7 March in St George's, University of London, Hunter Wing: 'Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The craft of caring' edited by Professor Mary Chambers.   

Dr Rosie Stenhouse and I had co-authored Chapter 3: Developing and maintaining therapeutic relationships. Rosie is one of my supervisors on PhD starting September, which has the aim of researching Safe Haven Crisis Houses in the UK and abroad.
with Prof Mary Chambers

photo taken at book launch 7Mar17

with Kati & Sarah, fellow writers


with Guilaine at Euston

While in London I organised a catch-up with friend and colleague Guilaine Kinouani (who'd invited me to speak at the Minorities Conference in London BPS Offices, Tabernacle St, 5 July 2016).  

Guilaine describes herself as "Feminist. Therapist. Analytically Minded Critical Psychologist." and writes on Race Reflections.


Tuesday morning I'd dropped by Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge, my grandson's favourite fitba team, to take photos and visit megastore.

Lunchtime Tuesday I met with Prof Diana Rose at King's College, to discuss mental health service user/survivor research and the Professor's academic work, nationally and internationally, and her recent Principal Investigator research funding award from Wellcome Trust, £586,164: User-Led Research in Mental Health: history, impact and current configurations.


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#MaryChambersBookLaunch 7Mar17 St George's University of London

visiting Chelsea FC Stamford Bridge 7Mar17 London

London selfies 6-8Mar17

London photos 6-7 Mar17
Photo selection:
Chelsea FC

Imperial War Museum
Royal Festival Hall cafe, exhibition Missing from History on pillars
on Millennium Bridge


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Case Ref: SG7468: engaging with Stephen Gethins SNP MP North East Fife

 Notes for meeting 3 March 2017 with MP Stephen Gethins in Cupar Tesco Cafe:



I had requested a meeting with Stephen Gethins MP North East Fife to discuss our recent aborted interview with Atos Healthcare and very stressful DWP letters prior to Christmas, demanding that my son complete ESA and PIP forms or his benefits might be cut.  

Firstly I phoned Mr Gethins' office, spoke to Steven Marwick who told me to write an Email, which I did, got no response, so resent.  Eventually I received this response last night at 7.52pm, out of office hours:

to which I responded this morning, copying in various others: