Sunday, 25 December 2016

Unconditional Offer Accepted: Admission to PhD Clinical Psychology - 3 Years; University of Edinburgh

Today I accepted the unconditional offer of admission, undertaking a PhD in Clinical Psychology over 3 years at the University of Edinburgh, starting September 2017:

"PhD proposal title 'Investigating alternative crisis house and safe haven models from the perspective of lived experience: evidencing how the journey through psychoses and severe emotional states may be made safer and more secure by avoiding hospital treatment'

This action research PhD will employ a range of methods to investigate crisis houses and safe havens which exist in the UK and abroad, seeking good practice models and positive recovery outcomes, testimonies from people who have used alternative (to hospital) crisis services, hearing from staff working in these resources. To build up a picture, a map of what services exist, how they have been developed, any challenges along the way, the budgeting structure, the involvement of people with lived experience and their Carers or family members, collaborations and partnerships, and any other details which will help to evidence the benefits of safe haven crisis houses.

Co-supervisors: Professor of Clinical Psychology Matthias Schwannauer and Dr Rosie Stenhouse, Mental Health Nursing Researcher.  Academic Mentor: Professor of Psychological Therapy Andrew Gumley, University of Glasgow.


Letter received from Scottish Government regarding PhD funding: 


Letter received from Stephen Gethins MP wishing me good luck with PhD:

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