Monday, 16 March 2015

Reblog: 'A Sunshine Act for Scotland' posts by Dr Peter J Gordon with Petition history, written Submissions & #omphalos Films

'A Sunshine Act for Scotland' by Dr Peter J Gordon on Hole Ousia website:

"I have petitioned the Scottish Government for a Sunshine Act:


The official Scottish Parliament page for my petition can be accessed here

This page includes the “petition history” of PE1493 and all the “written submissions” made on behalf of this petition.

Peter - parliament 12 Nov 2013

Me at Scottish parliament presenting my petition (12th November 2013)
  1. Collected posts on NHS Scotland “Hospitality Registers“
  1. Collected posts on a Sunshine Act for Scotland
In what follows I have collected my various writings on transparency in healthcare. Please feel free to use these considerations if they may be of use.

I was not saddened

System for disclosing hospitality should be transparent:

 Medical education revisited:

Truth of an industry and the transparency of a profession:

The changing production system of scientific knowledge:

Continuing Medical Education and its entanglement with the Pharmaceutical Industry:

A Common Understanding 2012 – Working Together For Patients:

Sunlight, tears and disinfection:

Scottish Parliament Public Petition PE01493 (update):

Why the GMC should set up a central registry of doctors’ competing interests:

The GMC: “The differences between our guidance and a compulsory register”:

Dementia Guidelines: research and clinical criteria are not simply “interchangeable”:

Clinical Guidelines: let’s be transparent:

The ABPI “Guidance”:

“Believe me, that is not the way to get things done”:

Seeking Transparency:

Marketing opportunities: “Psychiatry at the forefront of science”:

Transparency in drug company payments to doctors:

NHS Boards are not following existing guidance:

A Sunshine Act for Scotland:

“A public register of UK doctors’ financial interests is long overdue“:

“A probity issue and may lead to a failure to revalidate”:

Royal College of Psychiatrists and conflicts of interest:

Sponsored medical education: another Scottish NHS Board:

Royal College of Psychiatrists: relationships with pharmaceutical and other commercial organisations:

Open and transparent from omphalos

Link to complete collection of posts and films

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