Wednesday, 28 January 2015

"you going to this?" asks carer friend re Launch of Fife MH Services, Support in Mind Scotland. No "I'm banned"

Because of my role as an unpaid carer, a psychiatric survivor, mother, writer, activist and campaigner I sometimes get people writing to me, sharing their stories.  They identify with what I write as they have experienced the same.  Getting blamed.  Bullied.  Silenced.

Although I'm not bound by confidentiality, being that no-one pays this piper to call a tune, I am not in the habit of revealing my sources in case they get picked on, a familiar experience if speaking out.  It's a matter of mutual respect. 

And so I received an Email this week from a fellow mother and carer who has a son in the psychiatric system, asking if I was going to the launch of Adult Mental Services in Fife (think the health got missed out but Mental is a good word for it), a Guide for Relatives and Friends. 

"you going to this?" she asked

"I am banned from all Support in Mind Scotland services, anywhere in Scotland.

But thanks for letting me know."  says I

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