Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year Revolutions

 Here are my top ten New Year Revolutions:

[in no particular order]

  1. to start writing books and to have 3 of them self published by March 2015: blogging journeys
  2. to start filming wee talks, in-house and out and about (eg Scottish Parliament) for my YouTube channel, on topics like the Mental Health Act safeguards, patient safety, human rights, meaningful involvement, forced treatment, "mental illness", on being a psychiatric survivor, resilience, recovery, alternative ways of working with people in psychoses, the silencing of critical voices, cronyism, bullying, exclusion (you're not in my gang), scapegoating, game playing etc
  3. to stop being meaninglessly involved in "service user and carer" groups where my voice isn't welcome
  4. to keep on speaking out when necessary
  5. to keep on being a mother, carer, advocate, peer supporter and friend to family members when needed
  6. to start Skype sessions with like minds, at home and abroad
  7. to keep on blogging and tweeting and social networking so as to be informed and to inform
  8. to enjoy life and living
  9. to keep fit
  10. to keep on learning from my friends (you know who you are) and family 

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