Monday, 26 January 2015

Music: High Girders from 'Day Job' by Ed Muirhead & The Banter

My oldest son's track from forthcoming album Day Job due for release 1 May 2015:

"In 1879 the world's longest bridge collapsed, plunging a crossing train into the icy water below. Seventy-five people perished as a storm brought down the high girders in the middle of the Tay Bridge. 

Did the train come off the rails? Was the bridge too weak to withstand gale-force winds?

Telling the tale of that fateful night, "High Girders" is new from Dundee songwriter Ed Muirhead, a century on from McGonagall's infamous poem.

Late December, seventy-nine,
Dundee train, northbound line.
River Tay, a mile from land
High girders stand.

Storm is fierce, night is wild,
Front of the carriage: father and child.
Side by side, hand in hand,
High girders stand.

Lead me, be my guide.
Take me o'er to the other side.
When it's dark I cannot see,
Stay here with me.

Since Burntisland all is well.
Pace is steady, none can tell
In the darkness miles away
High girders sway.

Train steams on into the night
Boy holds to his father tight
How much longer none can say:
High girders sway.

Late December, seventy-nine,
Dundee train, northbound line.
Storm bears down upon them all
High girders fall."

from Day Job, track released 16 November 2014
Gav McGinty: Harmonica
Ed: Piano, vocal, drums, bass
Piano & vocal recorded by Chris Marr at Dundee University
Drums recorded by Harris at DM Studio
Photo: National Library of Scotland:

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