Monday, 22 December 2014

Reblog: @PeterDLROW 'A little tearful (and McCall Smith)' Hole Ousia

Peter J Gordon Hole Ousia blog post:  'A little tearful (and McCall Smith)':

I was left a little tearful after Alexander McCall Smith contacted me this year to say that he was an admirer of my short films.


Why might I have been left a little tearful?

Well of course it is wonderful to be appreciated by an Internationally renowned writer like McCall Smith.

We also share family experience in Africa.

But my tearfulness, and here I can only explain what I feel, was my appreciation that McCall Smith portrays in his writings, that moments of being really do matter.

Alexander McCall Smith had a career in bio-ethics.

Some time ago I made a film about the varied responses to my short films. This followed a formal letter, from NHS Forth Valley expressing “concerns” about my “films”. It later came to light that the senior manager who wrote to me expressing concerns about my films had not watched a single film made by me!

More recently, the Executive Clinical Director of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, wrote to my  former employers, that “this individual resorts to making films”.

Make of this as you will. I am interested in responses from those that have actually watched my films.

Responses from omphalos 

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