Friday, 28 November 2014

reports of a takeover have been greatly exaggerated (aka I heard it through the grapevine)

Yesterday I heard it through the grapevine that the mental health nursing programme at Dundee University would be taken over, transferred within 3 years, to Abertay University, which has set up a "centre of excellence" in response to a collective "vision".

I thought this was likely to be true because I knew of the proposed centre (although I was critical of a university programme calling itself "excellent" without any evidence plus I knew some of the people involved).  

Secondly, I also knew that Dundee University had been reducing its mental health nursing programme, had closed their Fife base.  An "on high" decision.  

Thirdly, the person who told me, who is usually accurate, had heard the news, along with other service users, from the mouth of an Abertay University mental health nursing student in a mental health setting.

So I had no reason to doubt the message.  It sounded about right.  And so I Emailed the various folk I knew at both Abertay and Dundee Universities, asking for confirmation that the message was true.

I got a response last night from a Dundee University colleague who said: "My information is that your source is not accurate".

Therefore I have to assume that reports of a takeover have been greatly exaggerated.  

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