Wednesday, 12 November 2014

FOI request - ECT prescribed and given to children and adolescents in Scotland over 5yr period 2008-2013

Here is an Email I sent on 9 November 2014 to Dr Alistair Hay, Consultant Psychiatrist and Vice Chairman of the Scottish ECT Accreditation Network:

"Dear Dr Hay

I am writing to you with an FOI Request as to the statistics for ECT given to children and adolescents in Scotland over a 5 year period from 2008 to 2013.

I was hearing on Wednesday at the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland consultation on their Visits Programme, from a fellow psychiatric survivor/service user, that children in Scotland get ECT.  I was shocked to hear this and didn't think that children in Scotland got ECT.  Hence this FOI request to confirm or allay my fears.  I'm thinking that my colleague may be wrong as I have checked through the latest SEAN report and can't see any mention of children getting ECT.

However there was a review this last week in the BJPsych of the book 'Electroconvulsive Therapy in children and adolescents' by lady doctor and psychiatrist Gordana Milavic, SLaM, where she seemed to be saying that ECT for children was of no risk whatsoever (children being under the age of consent for most things but apparently not shock treatment).  Here is my blog post about it:

I want to know details about numbers of children 16 and under receiving ECT in Scotland.  I would like a breakdown of numbers getting ECT in every health board area and for what reason eg diagnosis or condition or whatever.  Age ranges eg 12-16, 8-12, 5-8, and under 5.  Or whatever age ranges are used in the monitoring and evaluation of ECT to children.  I want to know about any "critical incidents" or deaths due to ECT given to children in Scotland.  I would like to know how many boys compared to how many girls are getting ECT in Scotland.  And any other details which are, and should be, available on this topic.

I am copying in Linda Cullen, head nurse for ECT in Scotland, Colin McKay, Chief Executive, MWC, Paul Gray, head of NHS Scotland and chief of the Health and Social Care Integration, and Geoff Huggins, acting director for Health and Social Care Integration and chief wrangler at Project Ginsberg, for their information.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely"

I received these responses on 10 November 2014:

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