Tuesday, 7 October 2014

working in an advisory capacity with NHS Fife in Stratheden Hospital - a question

[Here is an Email just sent to the NHS Fife Acting General Manager, Mental Health Service, copied in to the General Manager and the Chief Executive]


Following the front page national newspaper coverage of my complaint with the ombudsman being upheld I have had many people write to me and some have asked questions.

Here is an example of a question from a colleague who is a recovery educator and we work together on the Scottish Mental Health User Led Research Group:

"have you had an offer yet to work with Stratheden in an advisory capacity to ensure operating procedures change and this never happens again?"

It was a good question, it made sense, in terms of reasonable action by a health board so as to improve services.  Meaningful involvement of "experts by experience".  It's what I've been trying to do in Fife since first becoming involved in mental health work in 2008.  It's why I started up Peer Support Fife and organised many events in the local area with a range of speakers and topics.  As a community worker for over 30 years I've always believed in level playing fields, empowerment and lifelong learning.  

Therefore I want to pass on this question to you, as Acting General Manager, Mental Health Service, NHS Fife.  Are you going to invite me to work in an advisory capacity with the NHS Fife Mental Health Service in Stratheden Hospital to ensure operating procedures change and that this never happens again?

I look forward to hearing your response and will put the body of this Email into a blog post so that others can see it.

Regards, Chrys

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