Saturday, 25 October 2014

lawless individuals

Here's a wee story of "What If":

What if the locked seclusion room in the locked ward of a psychiatric hospital is being used by nursing staff to forcibly drug and abuse patients and nothing is written about the drugs, the force or the abuse in the records or the notes?

What if the nurse in charge of a locked ward of a psychiatric hospital keeps telling carers and family members of patients in the locked ward that the nursing staff are all about "relationships" when in fact they are more to do with coercion, bullying and intimidation?

What if the acute wards, open and locked, of a psychiatric hospital are places where vulnerable patients are at risk of, and being subject to, sexual exploitation?

What if an NHS health board is allowing and condoning the behaviour and practice of lawless individuals who are employed by them and subject to their policies and procedures.  

Who is responsible?

It absolutely and definitely isn't the patients, the carers and the family members (or the whistleblowers) who are in any way responsible for system failure and abusive practices.  That's for sure.

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