Friday, 3 October 2014

'How to improve dementia diagnosis rates in the UK' #Omphalos film

How to improve dementia diagnosis rates in the UK from omphalos 

"This is a short film which carries some of the main points made by Geoff Huggins, Head of mental Health for the Scottish Government, to the enquiry of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia. Held in the Commons Committee Room 17 on the 13th March 2012. 

The meeting was entitled "How to improve dementia diagnosis rates in the UK"

The full PDF - "Minutes of the Oral Evidence Session" of this meeting can be viewed here. It is open to public access on the internet:

It should be made clear that the film sequences of Geoff Huggins are not from this inquiry but from openly-available films of other conferences Geoff Huggins has spoken at. However the words are those of Geoff Huggins, given in correct sequence, but the full transcription of this meeting is as per above link.

The text on the unforseen consequences of Targets comes from the book "Intelligent Kindness" by Campling & Barratt:

The article on ethics was from the British Journal of Psychiatry. It is titled: "The full spectrum of ethical issues in dementia care: systematic qualitative review." BJP June 2013 202:400-406; doi:10.1192/bjp.bp.112.116335

Available here:

The article on QOF was written by Dr Des Spence and published in the BMJ. It is called "Kill the QOF" and was published on the 6 March 2013:

The music is under common license, with many thanks to Dexter Britain."

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