Tuesday, 21 October 2014

here are some positive memories of OT at Weston Day Hospital Cupar 2002-3

Here's a wee blog post, the first in a series of stories about my family's experiences of Occupational Therapy in the mental health and psychiatric settings of North East Fife, namely Stratheden Hospital and Weston Day Hospital, Cupar, between 1995 and 2012.  

Weston Day Hospital
A few snapshots from the 17yrs, of positive OT involvement that I experienced at Weston Day Hospital 2002-3:

A highlight for me was the course run by OT Jan, Focus Education, which linked with Elmwood College at the time and where I learned to play golf and eventually went on a web design course at the college.  Jan treated the patients like equals.  I think that made all the difference.  Jan took early retirement and went to do an Art course I think.  I remember writing to the general manager when the course was stopped, a few years later, asking for it to be reinstated.

There was an OT assistant Lesley in Weston at the time, who went out on long walks with us, eg to Hopetoun Monument, taking a packed lunch.  My middle son and I sometimes went together on these.  I remember us walking through fields on the way back from Hill of Tarvit, seeing a sheep on its side and us trying to get it back on its feet.  Then going to the farmer's house and letting them know.  This was a therapeutic activity for me as a former shepherdess.  Not long after I left Weston the OT assistant also left, so I heard.

I remember a ladies group at Weston 2002/3 where we did activities like getting our nails done and going to a hotel swimming pool to relax and chat.  The socialising and pampering was therapeutic and increased self confidence.  Not sure if the outing was OT or nurse led because at the time I was on psychiatric drugs.  But I remember the OT involvement in the day hospital made a difference to the "clinical" atmosphere and I appreciated this.

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