Thursday, 25 September 2014

"with you through the highs & lows" Bipolar Scotland (but avoid Email contact as you may come up against a brick wall)

Here are the screenshots of Emails sent to the Bipolar Scotland ("with you through the highs and lows") Chief Executive and Service Development Manager (2 different people), on 4 and 28 August, then 22 September 2014.  I'm a carer member of this organisation.  

I decided to offer a piece for their magazine 'On the Level' from a different perspective, one I hadn't seen in their literature before: Bipolar Disorder from where I’m standing: a Mother speaks out.  Unfortunately I got no response after sending a reminder, over 6 weeks of waiting. 

Therefore I decided to blog the piece myself and sent it out to my mailing list on 21 September 2014.  This provoked a response from the Bipolar Scotland CEO the next day, a Monday, who professed not to have seen my original Emails or article.

I then resent the original Emails and again got no response.  I am wondering if there are communication issues at Bipolar Scotland? 

First Email 9 August 2014:

Second Email 28 August 2014:

Third Email with blogged article sent to mailing list 21 September 2014:

Finally a response from the Bipolar Scotland chief exec on 22 September 2014 to which I responded right away:

I then immediately forwarded the original August Emails I'd sent:

and got no response ...

However I happened to be at the Cross Party Group for Mental Health in Scottish Parliament yesterday evening and spotted the Bipolar Scotland Chief Executive (don't know her personally but her photo is on their website) so I went up and asked about the communication at their office.  Was there a difficulty with Emails and were some Emails of a higher priority than others eg funders.  

I wasn't happy with the delivery and response so complained about it in an Email.  This got an apologetic reply today in an Email from the CEO who also wrote:

"I have now received your email with a suggested article for On the Level. This will be considered when we are putting the next On the Level together. Sometimes, depending on the content we have, we plan one or two issues ahead". 

I am not sure if this is a Yes or a No to my piece going in On the Level. 

Time will tell. 

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