Sunday, 7 September 2014

Support in Mind Scotland - action for people affected by mental illness? Not for me and mine

Here is a screenshot of the website front page of Support in Mind Scotland (SIMS) which used to be called "National Schizophrenia Fellowship" (or NSF):

where they claim to:
  • act for "people affected by mental illness"
  • work to "improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people affected by serious mental illness"
  • "support and empower all those affected by mental illness"
Note the repeating stigmatising label of "mental illness" throughout.  A psychiatric construct that blames the person for useless psychiatric treatment.  A label that has "severe and enduring" attached to it and separates a person off from "common mental health problems".

Compare this to the English equivalent organisation Rethink Mental Illness (a proactive name) and their website front page:

Here is a more upbeat page which has an image of families together, flying a kite, riding a bike, hands raised.  "A manifesto for better mental health"  Latest news down the side (although it doesn't seem up to date).  I'm not seeing a "Donate" button and I'm not seeing "mental illness" reinforced in every sentence.  

This will be the first in a series of critical blog posts about Support in Mind Scotland.  I am very unhappy with their treatment of me as a carer and member (now ex-member having been expelled).  Their action towards me and my family who have been affected by "mental illness" has been negative and damaging.  

Support in Mind Scotland has not acted for me or my family.  SIMS has not improved the wellbeing or quality of our lives.  SIMS has not supported or empowered me or mine.

I will speak out about it and not be silenced.

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