Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hello? Is anyone listening to the mothers? re Stratheden Hospital IPCU Fife

I received an Email yesterday from a mother who had read this blog, saying that her son was in Ward 4 (IPCU) at Stratheden and was being forcibly injected then shut in the "padded cell" or seclusion room.

This mother talked about being at her "wits end".  

IPCU back door March 2012
This mother speaks about having to go in the back door of the ward and asks "is it to hide anything?".

(just as I had to in February 2012, when other visitors got in the front door although now it has a window and bell)

This mother mentions having written an advance statement a few years ago saying she didn't want her son to be put in Stratheden Hospital again.

This mother says that her son's phone has been taken off him because it has a camera.  His phone is a lifeline and means of communication with his family and the outside world. 

Hello.  Is anyone listening to the mothers?

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