Monday, 14 July 2014

rage against the machine

"we gotta take the power back"

Thinking of the different ways in which we engage with trick cyclists*.   Some of us were forced and others went willingly.  Same difference for if we don't agree to it then we're likely to be/gonna be forced.  It's inevitable in my experience.  
I've always known this since childhood and seeing my mother resist psychiatric treatment.  I knew that if my mother was resisting it then she had a good reason to be doing so.  

And then I found out for myself in 1978 when I resisted, was forcibly injected, then again in 1984, following painful, induced childbirths.  Detained in 2002 at the menopause and made to take the pills.  Same difference.  Breaking free.

I don't see myself ever voluntarily swallowing psychiatric drugs.  It's a matter of principle.  And also a matter of sense because the drugs don't work and don't agree with me.  They make me mentally ill.  I don't believe in mental illness so I cannot be a willing conscript.

Other would-be conscripts engage with me, telling me their stories and battles with trick cyclists.  They want me to feel their rage, pain and suffering.  And I do.  It's palpable.  It rests with me.

Time for a change.  A paradigm shift in psychiatric system thinking.  No more forcing drugs on to unwilling conscripts, shock treatment and brain surgery for mental illness.  These behaviours are nothing to be proud of.  

[*trick cyclist: slang for psychiatrist]

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