Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Intensive Psychiatric Care Units Overview Report June 2010 - truth or a whitewash?

Here is a link to the Intensive Psychiatric Care Units Overview Report June 2010 on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website:

I remember attending a "focus group" facilitated in The Cottage, Cupar, by the VOX Development Co-ordinator at the time who is still in post.  I had no experience then of the Fife IPCU.  Unfortunately in February 2012 my son found out the truth of it.  We have been picking up the pieces ever since.

Here are some quotes from the report:

from Ivan Carnegie, Co-chair, Service user and carer experience subgroup, in the foreword:
"It is clear from the interviews and focus groups that, in general, there is a high degree of well-structured and compassionate care provided in IPCUs."

And another quote from page 2:
"VOX Scotland organised a series of regional focus groups with former IPCU patients and carers. These were held between October 2009 and January 2010. A service user researcher from VOX Scotland facilitated the focus groups.

Between October 2009 and December 2009, the Mental Welfare Commission made announced visits to a number of IPCUs. Mental Welfare Commission practitioners met with willing volunteers to talk about their experiences of IPCUs."

from page 5: 
"What we did and why we did it":
"Our work has enhanced the information available and provides useful baseline data on the national picture with regard to IPCU provision."

from page 9 and the "Conclusions":
"It is clear that there are many dedicated staff across NHSScotland who are doing their very best to provide a good standard of care that meets the therapeutic and wellbeing needs of the diverse range of people who have contact with IPCUs."

from page 13:
"VOX Scotland used a grounded theory approach to develop the questions to ensure a focus on the correct areas, and to make sure that the sessions were adaptable based on the responses received."

from page 17:
"Generally, people thought that the care they had received was acceptable."

from page 23:
"Most people said that they felt safe when they were in an IPCU."

[I remember reading this report on IPCUs in 2010 and thinking they must be OK places.] 

I have Emailed the folk involved in fabricating this report and will have more to write on this anon ...  (the word whitewash comes to mind)

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